Strong partnership for a wild Polesia

A consortium of organisations and researchers from five countries are working together to preserve Polesia as one of the last wilderness places of Europe.

Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme

The Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme aims to restore natural ecological processes, species populations and habitats. It supports projects that create new opportunities for people as landscapes recover. The Programme funds the implementation of large-scale restoration initiatives, provides inspiration and creates the conditions for scaling-up restoration in Europe through capacity building at the national and local level, shares best practice and lessons learnt from its funded projects.

Arcadia Fund

Arcadia fund supports work to preserve endangered cultural heritage, protect endangered ecosystems, and promote access to knowledge. The fund’s aim is to defend the complexity of human culture and the natural world, so that coming generations can build a vibrant, resilient and green future.

British Trust for Ornithology

The British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is a UK charity that focuses on understanding birds and, in particular, how and why bird populations are changing but also has great expertise in other taxa and environmental issues. BTO harnesses the skills and passion of thousands of volunteers to advance our understanding of ornithology. BTO leads the wildlife research of the project in Polesia in both countries.

Michael Succow Foundation

Founded in 1999, initially, the Michael Succow Foundation was involved in the development and protection of national parks and biosphere reserves in post-Soviet countries. Now, it engages in projects on four continents on climate protection, protected areas, sustainable land use and the promotion of young people. Thanks to the expertise of its employees, it is well positioned in all landscapes – from peatlands to deserts.

Frankfurt Zoological Society

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) is an international conservation organisation based in Germany that has been implementing conservation projects in outstanding natural places in Africa, South America, South-East Asia, and Europe for decades. The FZS European Programme safeguards large, biodiverse wilderness areas, mainly in Eastern Europe. FZS leads the overall coordination of the project.

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The project “Polesia – Wilderness Without Borders” is part of the Endangered Landscapes & Seascapes Programme and is funded by Arcadia. The project is coordinated by Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS).